SportsHeadz was created by a group of people who share a love for all thing’s sports.

We were kids that grew up in the Ontario region and started working in the software space. We grew up but we never outgrew our love for sports.

We have paired both our passion and love of sport with a highly skilled technical team. We have created a platform that is designed to encourage sport and engage community. We are located here in Kingston, ON.

The team and people involved have been developing software companies for over 15 years. The website division has been building sports association websites for almost 12 years. We have decided that it is time to take the company to the next level.

Our company is built upon 2 main products and services:

Association Software

We have a highly advanced website association software. This platform does everything from registration, scheduling, news and much more.  We currently have over 500+ associations from a variety of sports on the platform.  All these associations are location in Ontario. 

Live & On-Demand Stream

We have developed an integrated streaming software that will ensure fans, family, athletes and coaches never miss a game or practice.  Life is busy and we can’t be in all of the places we want to be.  With our new streaming service, you have the ability to watch the events live or on-demand for the next 12 months.  Our software has the scoreboard integrated to the top left on the stream.


is a company that has always been based in Ontario. Our company currently manages 500+ association websites in Ontario. Expanding is what we do as a company.

We are leveraging our massive base of coaches, teams, players and families around Canada in an effort to promote sport and increase community involvement. Our core focus will be to invest money over the next 5 years into technology infrastructure for Ontario sports. This will ensure that the infrastructure is in place for our network of users to not only enjoy home games, but also the away games. We are taking a very strategic approach to the arenas we partner with. We make sure there is a plan from both a website and streaming perspective. This will ensure everyone gets the best user experience possible.






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